Other Wildlife Films

Eleanora’s Falcon

I was one of two camera operators on this 4 week project. The aim was to create a conservation film to raise awareness of the fragility of several habitats on the Akrotiri Peninsula in Cyprus from the threat of human activity.

The Tale of a Puffin

A short sequence I filmed from the two day trips to Skomer Island. Some of the footage featured along with my other puffin footage on BBC Springwatch.

The Red Squirrel 

Set in ‘Hawes’ in Yorkshire, this small island of coniferous trees is a haven for Red Squirrels as they compete for food in the Autumn.

The Journey of the Water Droplet

This follows the amazing journey of a water droplet from its beginning as moisture in the clouds above the mountains of Snowdonia following it to its end at the sea.

Life in the Meadow Jungle

Life in a meadow jungle can be tough. To some grass stems are as tall as trees and on the meadow floor all sorts of dramas take place.

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