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Winterwatch 2023: ‘Hermit Crabs’


We follow a crustacean as it goes looking for a new home.  But when it can’t find the perfect empty shell, it turns its attention to stealing one instead. A risky operation but one that could yield the perfect winter retreat. Responsible for the set up, lighting, filming, set building and animal husbandry. 

Winterwatch 2023 ‘Backswimmers’ 


Where other animals begin to hibernate in the winter months, these insects carry on. Living a life upside down, they use all sorts of amazing techniques to survive hanging just below the surface of a pond. Responsible for set building, animal husbandry, lighting and filming. 

Autumnwatch 2022 ‘Underwater Leaf Litter’ 


This involved filming the incredible life of the underwater leaf litter in a British stream in the Autumn months and was a mix of set and on location filming. I made the sets and was responsible for the lighting of the sequence. 

Springwatch 2022 ‘Puffin Paradise’ VT


I filmed the majority of the Puffin VT ‘Puffin Paradise’ for BBC Springwatch apart from the underwater sections of the sequence. This also included archive footage of mine being used too from previous trips to Skomer Island as well as the 5 day shoot for Springwatch in April 2022.

Springwatch 2022 ‘Woodlouse’ VT


I filmed a woodlouse sequence that appeared on BBC2 Springwatch in June 2022. I was responsible for filming the sequence (including timelapse and motorized sliders), macro set builds for the various different segments of the film and all of the lighting for the sequence. I partially wrote the narration and edited some of the sequence.

Winterwatch 2022 ‘Rockpools’ VT


I filmed a sequence on Rockpools and Corvid Intelligence for BBC2’s Winterwatch from November to December 2021. Techniques included macro and long-lens filming. Here are a few clips from the sequence. See the full film here on BBC Iplayer (roughly 29:36 minutes into the programme):


Autumnwatch 2021 ‘Leaf Litter’ VT


For Autumnwatch I filmed the leaf litter sequence. I was responsible for filming the sequence, macro set building, planning and research behind the behavioural aspects of the sequence. Please get in touch to see the full sequence.

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